For me visual connection is a key response to life and art represents a simple yet profound compulsion – to express feeling, thought and perception. Years of observing the landscape now find expression in both figurative and abstract work. I enjoy working with unusual viewpoints, overlooked details and the human trace or history behind a subject. Abstraction allows me to distil the many colours and textures of the landscape into pattern – an imagined landscape from within the mind’s eye. The landscape both endures and is ever changing - it interests me that I can be having a new response to something that pre-dates me and will still be there long after I am gone.
I work predominantly in acrylic, its quick drying time enables me to create layered work, scratching back to or glazing over underpaintings which gives my work texture and depth – a painting may have up to ten layers. I hope that this in turn gives the viewer multiple layers of interaction with the work, seeing different things each time they look and being invited to step in and use their own imagination. My most recent work has been on a larger scale enabling me to create detailed pattern which works as part of a larger whole.

Artist Statement